Andrew Johnson

Therapist and Coach.
Meditation, Mindfulness & Self Help apps.
Corporate Workshops.

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Corporate Workshops

Relax - Change - Create
Relaxed minds relieved of negativity are free to think creatively.

In a one day course your team will:
- Develop skills for Relaxation
- Gain understanding into negative behavior patterns and how they can be changed
- Be given space to release their creativity.

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Andrew Johnson

For over 25 years, Andrew Johnson has been helping people relax, change and create the lives they want through his range of self-care MP3 downloads, Apps and Workshops.

His work has motivated and empowered people across the world and helped them cope with stress, overcome anxiety or fears, break habits and achieve their full potential.

With over 11 million downloads to date, Andrews recordings are the best selling “Self-help” recordings on the Apple and Android App stores.

Through workshops, Andrew uses a range of techniques which allow people to successfully regain control and achieve positive outcomes in their work, home and personal life.

Simple, safe and easy to learn and integrate in daily life, these techniques include relaxation therapy, stress management, clinical hypnotherapy, meditation and mindfulness.


For as long as I can remember, I have had a fascination with the power of the mind and how it influences us both positively and negatively.

My father gave me some Positive Mental Attitude books when I was much younger and they made a huge impression on me. After many different jobs in many different sectors I discovered and trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy in 1995.

Over the next 18 months I knew I had found what I was looking for and I set up and ran a very successful private practice. Since then I have trained in Stress Management techniques, Meditation and Mindfulness, The Emotional Freedom Techniques etc.

Like most humans, I have had to deal with my fair share of stress and anxiety. The techniques I use don't stop me getting stressed, that would be impossible. What they do is allow me to recognise it and deal with it much quicker than most people.